Gold River

Its late May at the Gold River Lodge and getting on towards evening time.  There are rumors around the camp that the Springers should start pushing in now at anytime, but so far its been a crap shoot.  Brother Dave is hard at it preparing dinner for all, meticulously watching the temperature of the oven to make sure his ribs come out just right.  Kenton is down on the newly installed docks scrubbing out the lodge jetboat, preparing for clients due to arrive mid-week.  Neil has snuck off to the tie room to crank out a new batch of flies in hopes of the evening bite producing another monster cutthroat.  Brother James is out of sight, but every once in a while his laughter breaks the tranquil evening air from some unseen place.  Its a big uproarious laugh that you cant help but feel in good company with.  To learn more about the lodge and guided fishing on the Klamath go to